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School Trips

Our kids went on an educative trip around the country to the Airport and Game park (they went to Chengeta Safari lodge
and Mukuvisi wood lands and had a wonderful lunch at St Elmos restaurant in Belgravia harare). Its part of the education process
so that what they are taught in class becomes a reality. It helps our kids see in real life what they have been learning in class.

Our children had the chance to get onto the plane for the first time and it was an amazing experience.

Our kids had fun at the same time learning. Seeing is beleiving.

On our school Trip


This was fun and experience of a life time for our children. Once again we thank our parents for such an event.


King of the jungle "lion"

It was fun watching the animals in real life for our kids. They were so overjoyed some having to watch a lion and a buffalo for
the first time in their life.


Our parents support us in every event and school trip, we are really grateful to parents for the support.

We are grateful for the support our parents show us. It means a lot to us.


Without our parents none of this would be possible. We are very grateful to the students and parents who love and support us.

Our Pictures

Our kids can swim, by the time they get to grade one, they will be excellent.

Drama and shows, our kids master it all. They can act, sing and recite poems.

Our loving parents who support their kids and the school show and demonstrate love.

Red Carpet for our Parents, our masters.

Our mums and dads look executive! Wow wow wow.

Our kids do a lot of activities to help with their mental and social growth.

End of Year Graduation

We had a beautiful end of the year event and our kids were dressed so smart and had beautiful perfomances in drama and singing with special guests
like Mrs Machimula senior(gogo Machimula) giving a beautiful speach.

NB: We are open for 2024 intake you can apply in person or on our website.